Cyborg of the Lixians. Captain Fantastico #5 preview

Starting off in the upcoming fifth instalment, we find Captain Fantastico on board the Scorpion ship of the Lixians. The once independent freelance superhero has been assimilated into their cybernetic control. Harnessing his superpowers, they seek to have the perfect agent of destruction to serve their covert and diabolical ends.

In this episode we find out about the means and functions of the Lixian technology. This cyborg encasement shell fitted around Captain Fantastico’s body to direct his currents of super power. Also discovered is the micro fauna beings who pilot his brain through the nasal implant close to his brain.

Will Fantastico find a way out of the current predicament? Hopefully soon and with great vengeance!

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Raging a savage onslaught on the Lixian Empire, this opening preview displays Captain Fantastico’s own personal corruption of power. A hero with narcissistic delusions of grandeur, this hopped up caped crusader is nothing more than high flying complex and an overbearing bully to the recently reformed forces of evil.

In the first issue, Captain reaps what he sows for all his violence and perverse debauchery. The hot air balloon of his ego is pierced and in his public mortification, he zooms off to outer space and into the depths of madness….

War is wrought upon the moons of Lix, home world to his arch nemesis the Lixians. Entering their scorpion shaped mother ship, the Captain seeks retribution. However in this quest, he soon finds out just how close his enemies were and how they succeeded in hitting him where it hurts.

Issues 1-3 on sale now! $5.00 plus shipping and handling. Story/Pencils by Ethan Wenberg and Story/Inks by Paul Niemiec.  To order your copy contact Ethan at