Third issue soon to be released!


In time for the busy summer convention season of 2014, the artistic duo of Ethan Wenberg and Paul Niemiec will have this mighty third volume ready for distribution.
What happens you ask in Captain Fantastico number three you ask? In a word…”Confrontation.” The Captain meets the Lixian resistance head on as he searches for answers on board their ship. This quest is met with bizarre easter egg armed rabbits and a shameless segway scooter riding alien General!
Answers come to light as the Captain gets to the root of the problem: his ex-wife “Insectra!” Revelations uncover her true role as Queen of the Lixain horde and her plot against the Captain for his secret infidelity.
Insectra has recruited a new partner in crime that the Captain must reckon with…her mistress, the misterious hermaphrodite “Wolfie!”
Now it a fit of skill, Fantastico must duel with this transmorphic tramp. The two warriors duel for honor or perhaps the Queen’s sick amusement. Is it all a cruel game or are there more yet unknown secrets to unearth?  Wait and see.
Captain Fantastico #3
30 Pages
Black and White
Mature Readers for Adult Content
On sale June 15th!


Please email for ordering info:

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